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Using The Sail Builder: Sliders Explained

How To Use Our Online Sail Builder Sliders


Listed below are four variables that make selecting the right material for your sail fast and easy. Rather than scrolling through the hundreds of cloth options, we’ve simplified the process so all you have to do is consider what factors are most important and rate them accordingly. On the next page, you can move the sliders to see more options.

Race vs Cruise

A boat that only sails when it’s racing will rate 100, and one that only cruises will rate 0. While there are plenty of sailors strictly dedicated to either racing or cruising, we know that most will fall somewhere in the middle. Place the slider closer to the middle if you plan to do both.


We know that cost consideration is a high priority when purchasing new sails. That’s why we show you prices up front. The price of a sail can vary greatly depending on what material is used to build it. For instance, a laminated carbon fiber sail can easily cost twice as much as a sail made of dacron. If you want to see more budget-friendly options, dial it up closer to 100. If you want to see more high-tech cloth options, slide it closer to 0.


How long you want your sail to last is always an important factor when selecting the right sailcloth. Needless to say, different materials will last longer than others. If you are looking for something that can take a beating and hold its shape year-after-year, move the slider to the right. If you want to see more light-weight options, then leave it on the left.


Sail performance is based on how much the material weighs and stretches. A high performance sail will not only have great shape right out of the box, but it will stay that way over time with the proper care. They will also be lighter, and therefore faster, than most basic sailcloths. The left side of this slider includes dacrons and polyesters, while the right will show you exotic fibers like carbon and aramid.

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