Who are we?

Simply put we are a group of passionate sailors and sailmakers who want to make the industry better for our customers and sailors.  We are dedicated to providing the best quality sails while giving control of the process back to the sailors.  We believe that no one knows your boat better than you and will guide you to getting your perfect sail.

Where is my sail built?

Our main loft is located in Chicago, IL, with support from an international network of lofts in the Evolution Sails Group.  Our membranes our custom built in New Zealand.  We use many of the same lofts as the top sailmakers across the world

Why isn’t X cloth available?

Our team has gone through and tested a wide range of sail clothes from all of the world’s top producers including Challenge, Contender, Dimension-Polyant, and Bainbridge.  We have narrowed down the massive catalog of available cloths to the best of each range.  If you are on the hunt for a specific cloth, please use our advanced builder (link).

When will my sail get here?

Sails are guaranteed to be shipped by the dates shown when purchased, provided all measurements and details are in.  Expedition options for building and shipping are available at checkout

What if I have a question?

Our sailmakers are available to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.  Just set up an appointment here or contact us here

Who is Evolution Sails?

Evolution is the world’s fastest growing sailmaker started by a talented group of sailmakers in New Zealand.  They are best known for creating and building sails for the biggest and fastest boats in the world.  180 Sails is part of the Evolution Sails Group and has access to their membrane plant in Auckland and Evolution’s world class design and build team.

I don’t see my boat, type of sail I want, or option I want?

We do our best to cover every possible boat and scenario on the website but sometimes we need a sailmaker to get involved.   Just set up an appointment here or contact us here